ISPI 2019 Fall Symposium

The Future is Bright

Thank you for coming to the ISPI 2019 Fall Symposium.

ISPI is a professional home to those that seek to improve the performance of work, workers and the world around us. Technology is changing every aspect of work, how workers will accomplish work, what work looks like and is becoming.

We will look at two facets of technology and the future together this coming year.

  1. How will technology enhance our role as Performance Improvement professionals? 
  2. How can we help clients analyze new technology and adapt to the changes technology is bringing to the workplace and the workers at a pace the world is demanding?
Through our conferences and educational offerings, we will explore the technology and techniques that will strengthen Performance Improvement consultant’s tool box. We will also seek future focused articles and stories for our publications.

ISPI is made up of consultants, students, researchers, writers, practitioners and trainers who seek to understand how to help their clients make effective changes. Understanding evidence- based methods to analyze and adapt technology for performance improvement will be a necessary skill needed by all performance professionals. Being aware of where technology is headed and the research surrounding what works well and when is key to building our skills.

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