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  • November 2017 Evening Program: Cracker Barrel

November 2017 Evening Program: Cracker Barrel

  • 09 Nov 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • UNCC City Center (Uptown) Room 804 (8th floor), 320 East Ninth Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


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Cracker Barrel Presentations are a fun and highly energetic ISPI tradition that features roundtable presentations given by our local practitioners. The presenters will deliver a 15-minute presentation at their table on a topic of their choice. After the presentation, the presenters will remain at their table and the attendees will select a new presentation at a new table. This format is repeated for three rounds of presentations.

There is no fee for this event,

6:00 - 6:30 Networking and Announcements
6:30 - 8:00 Main Event

How to differentiate yourself in Talent Development: One CLO’s Perspective
Michael Bland, Chief Learning Officer, TIAA

How can you make a real difference as a talent development expert? Whether you’re an instructional designer, a performance consultant, or a trainer, your manager has specific expectations for the work that you do. But what does a CLO expect of his people? In this roundtable discussion, you’ll learn more about the CLO mindset and how you can make stronger contributions to your department beyond just doing the work.

As Chief Learning Officer for TIAA, Michael is accountable for the strategic vision and tactical execution of Learning and Development across the company. Michael and his team provide a full spectrum of L&D capabilities, including consulting, design & development, solution deployment, impact measurement, learning technology & infrastructure, and vendor/contract management.

Michael is extremely passionate about the role of technology and innovation in learning and the focus of L&D in preparing talent to deliver improved business results today and into an ever-changing future. Continuous improvement and innovation in how and what we deliver to best serve our audiences and operational efficiency and effectiveness of L&D functions are what drive him.

Prior to TIAA, Michael spent over 20 years in learning and leadership development roles, working across varied industries, big companies to small consultancies, and owning his own L&D firm specializing in high-end eLearning and simulation development.

When Performance Improvement Meets the Terror Barrier
Ronald Graves, Poiema Leadership Institute & The John Maxwell Team

This session will explore the mind and its processing power in driving human and organizational performance. We will demonstrate how this enhanced level of awareness can aid performance consultants in overcoming stakeholder resistance to implementing the interventions necessary to close identified performance gaps. Participants will learn how to move organizations from choosing their thoughts to creating those feelings that increase buy-in at every stage of the project and thereby avoiding barriers to success.

Ronald has over 35 years of experience in business consulting. He has built on his organizational performance expertise through the study of business innovation and creativity as well as human performance improvement. Ronald possesses the distinction of being an executive coach and leadership expert in combination with his experience in organizational performance improvement. This allows him to see deep inside the leaders as well as the systems that make up virtually any organization.

Turn Up Your Leadership for Maximum Employee Engagement
Valerie Daye, Carolinas HealthCare System

Take team meetings, one on one conversations, and other regular activities to a new level by incorporating creative yet practical strategies that boost employee engagement all throughout the year.

With over 25 years of corporate and ministry experience, Val Daye,  author, speaker, coach, and training professional demonstrates a sincere passion for people and a genuine commitment toward their success. Specializing in leadership and team development, Val is dedicated to pushing individuals and organizations past distractions to meet and exceed critical goals. Her energy is contagious.

Vertical Development: The Cutting Edge of Leadership Theory & Practice
Jessica Bronzert, The Sparks Group

The demands of the current business environment are greater than ever.  The rate at which business moves and the complexity with which workers must contend raises questions about how to best prepare leaders to succeed.  Traditional leadership development efforts take a competency-based approach which is insufficient.  Vertical development is an emerging concept in the leadership development with the ability to help leaders move at the speed of change.  Find out what vertical development is and how it can be integrated into your leadership development strategy.

Jessica Bronzert is Founder & CEO of The Sparks Group, an executive coaching and change management firm that focuses on building capacity – not just skills – to help leaders make the changes that make a difference to them and the world.

The Most Effective and Responsible Training Techniques for High-Risk Professions
Gary DePaul, Gary DePaul Leadership Consulting

  1. How high-risk professions differ (10 min)

    1. High-risk Profession Procedures and Rescue Model
    2. Merriam et al. Learning Orientation Framework
    3. Bootstrapping and Zone of Proximal Development
  2. Cognitive Apprenticeship (5 min)
  3. BOGERD (referenced in the handout)
Gary A. DePaul has two decades of experience as a manager and scholar of management, has worked as a manager in fortune 500 companies, and consults with organizations to improve leadership practices and cultural alignment. He is the author of Nine Practices of 21st Century Leadership: A Guide to Inspiring Creativity, Innovation and Engagement, published by CRC Press.

Using a Project Intake Process to Streamline Analysis and Ensure Project Success

Chris Prigmore, Exceed Performance Solutions

This session will explore how the use of a systematic project intake process can provide a bridge between project identification and instructional analysis. Proper project intake ensures the project is grounded in the desired business results and provides necessary parameters for an efficient analysis. Participants will learn the elements of an effective project intake and begin crafting their own project intake questionnaire.

Chris Prigmore is the Principal Consultant at Exceed Performance Solutions and has over fifteen years’ experience providing clients with effective solutions to their training and employee performance needs. She focuses on implementing a systematic process to produce learning and performance improvement solutions that are relevant, engaging, evidence-based, and that achieve the required changes in business results.

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