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  • March Workshop: Thiagi! Increase Trust. Improve Results.

March Workshop: Thiagi! Increase Trust. Improve Results.

  • 14 Mar 2014
  • 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • UNC Charlotte Main Campus - James H. Barnhardt Student Activity Center (SAC) Salon E – Park at UNCC Main Campus Cone Center Parking Deck


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March 2014 Workshop: Thiagi!
Increase Trust. Improve Results.

March 14, 2014

Time: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM


UNC Charlotte Main Campus - James H. Barnhardt Student Activity Center (SAC) Salon E

UNCC Main Campus Cone Center Parking Deck

Cost: $5.00 cash at the meeting registration table/$10 cash or credit at the parking deck.


  • ISPI Charlotte Member: $60.00 (USD)
  • Guest: $80.00 (USD)
  • Student/Faculty Member: $40.00 (USD)


Join us as we host Thiagi for our 5th Anniversary. Thiagi will present a workshop to ISPI Charlotte members and guests. This is guaranteed to be a treat at a phenomenol low cost.

Trust building is a powerful (and often ignored) performance-improvement intervention.

Many performance problems are not due to the lack of skill, time, or tools, but due to the lack of trust. This workshop provides evidence-based tools to increase the trust level in an organization. Increased trust improves innovation, productivity, and profits, and reduces bureaucracy, duplication, surveillance, and turnover. The workshop trains the participants to use a validated instrument to take a baseline measure of the trust level in individual and organizational interactions. It helps the participants to apply effective tools to increase their trustworthiness by demonstrating their know-how and competency, by increasing their predictability and consistency, by boosting their concern and support for others, by spotlighting their relatedness and connection with colleagues, and by developing their authenticity and honesty. Follow-up activities to the workshop require and reward the use of 50 proven techniques for trust building.

Workshop Objectives and Benefits

  1. Prepare action plans for applying tools and techniques for improving five aspects of trust in your interactions with colleagues, team members, managers, customers, partners, and others.
  2. Recall and apply trust-building techniques for increasing innovation, productivity, and profits to scenarios that reflect your organizational context.
  3. Explain how trust-building techniques can decrease bureaucracy, unnecessary surveillance, duplication, turnover, rumors, gossip, and other costly consequences of distrust in an organization.
  4. Use the self-assessment instrument to measure personal trustworthiness in different work-related contexts.
  5. Increase personal trustworthiness by improving the five “SPARK” elements: selflessness, predictability, authenticity, relatedness, and know-how.

Workshop Format

The entire workshop will feature a walk-the-talk approach that uses interactive exercises to be completed by the participants individually, with a partner, or in small groups. These exercises incorporate authentic scenarios that reflect organizational realities. They require the participants to analyze, organize, evaluate, synthesize, and apply evidence-based principles and procedures. The structure of this interactive workshop also utilizes the HPT process as scaffolding.

The workshop is not a one-off activity. One of the later modules of the workshop requires the participants to come up with an action plan for the ensuing 52 weeks. The participants will also have access to a website for periodic follow-up assignments and sharing of success stories.

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