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    • 09 Apr 2020
    • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Webinar - Link to be provided by email

    The Kirkpatrick-Katzell Four-Level Model was originally conceived in the 1950’s, and though it has earned its share of criticism, it has remained the dominant evaluation model until recently.

    Two years ago, Will Thalheimer, getting input from industry veterans, crafted a new evaluation model to circumvent the weaknesses of the Four-Level Model. LTEM (The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model), though simple in design, is a radical departure from other evaluation models. It encourages us to focus not just on performance and organizational results, but also on key learning outcomes, including decision-making and task competence.

    At the same time, LTEM is clear that measuring attendance and completion is inadequate and that we need a way to evaluate that recognizes the critical role of remembering and the prevention of forgetting.

    In this webinar, Will Thalheimer will take us on a tour of LTEM, and describe a number of ways that organizations are using it to re-envision their learning evaluation practices—and also rethinking the way they build their learning interventions!


    • 8:00 - 9:00 pm


    Will Thalheimer, PhD, is a consultant and research translator, providing organizations with research benchmarking, workshops, strategic guidance

    Will shares his wisdom through keynotes, research reports, job aids, workshops, and blog posts.

    Compiler of the Decisive Dozen, one of the authors of the Serious eLearning Manifesto (eLearningManifesto.org), founder of The Debunker Club (Debunker.Club), and author of the award-winning book Performance-Focused Smile Sheets (SmileSheets.com),

    Will blogs at WillAtWorkLearning.com, tweets as @WillWorkLearn, and consults through Work-Learning Research, Inc. (Work-Learning.com).

    Will regularly publishes extensive research-to-practice reports—and gives them away for free.

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28 Apr 2017 The 2017 Performance Improvement Conference Montreal
09 Mar 2017 Pushing Management’s Buttons to Improve Performance
28 Jan 2017 ISPI Charlotte Strategy Meeting 2017
12 Jan 2017 Expertise Management: Measuring Outputs Instead of Inputs with Dr. Frank Nguyen, Sears
10 Nov 2016 November 2016 Evening Program: Cracker Barrel
13 Oct 2016 October 2016 Networking Event
08 Sep 2016 September 2016 Evening Program: Learning Strategy: Preparing Your Organization for Effective Learning
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12 May 2016 May 2016 Evening Program
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10 Mar 2016 March 2016 Evening Program: A Radical Rethinking of the Smile Sheet – New Design Enables Valuable Feedback (Really!)
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03 Dec 2015 Lunch and Learn Free Webinar - The Fundamentals of Performance Improvement: A Path to Strategic Success
12 Nov 2015 November 2015 Evening Program Cracker Barrel
11 Sep 2015 September 2015 Workshop: Smart Evaluation: Proving What You Do Works.
10 Sep 2015 September 2015 Evening Program: Politics & Influence: Key Skills for Internal & External Consultants.
09 Jul 2015 July 2015 Evening Program: Get Going Faster: next generation communication strategies that shorten organizational time to performance during change
14 May 2015 May 2015 Evening Program: Got Game? The Seven Essential Gamification Elements for Learning, Engagement, and Proven Results
13 Mar 2015 March 2015 Workshop: Training for Expertise
12 Mar 2015 March 2015 Evening Program: The Public and Personal Promise of Certification
08 Jan 2015 January 2015 Evening Program: Panel Discussion: How Does a Cost Center Add Value to an Organization?
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12 Sep 2014 September 2014 Workshop with Dick Handshaw
11 Sep 2014 September 2014 Evening Program with Dick Handshaw
10 Jul 2014 July 2014 Evening Program with Pierre Mourier
08 May 2014 May 2014 Evening Program: Jim Hill, CEO of Silicon Valley Proofpoint Systems, Inc.
14 Mar 2014 March Workshop: Thiagi! Increase Trust. Improve Results.
13 Mar 2014 March 2014 Evening Program: Thiagi! It’s in the Cards: Design Powerful Training Games Using Three Templates
09 Jan 2014 January 2014 Evening Program: Performance Management - GRRRR! or YEAAA! A Roundtable Discussion
14 Nov 2013 November 2013 Evening Program: Cracker Barrel Presentations
13 Sep 2013 One-Day Workshop: The Bottomline on ROI; How to Measure the ROI of Learning and Development, Performance Improvement, and Human Resources
12 Sep 2013 September Evening Program – Presented by Dr. Jack Phillips
11 Jul 2013 July Evening Program –Mobile Learning Panel
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15 Mar 2013 One-Day Workshop: Performance Architecture: The Worker, Work, Workplace and the World
14 Mar 2013 March Evening Program – Presented by Dr. Roger Addison
17 Jan 2013 January Evening Program – Presented by Dr. Jane Bozarth
08 Nov 2012 November 2012 Evening Program: Cracker Barrel Presentations
14 Sep 2012 One-Day Workshop: What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know About Improving Workplace Performance
13 Sep 2012 September Evening Program – Presented by Miki Lane
12 Jul 2012 July Evening Program – Presented by Carol Panza
11 May 2012 One-Day Workshop: Performance Thinking
10 May 2012 May Evening Program – Presented by Rick Rummler
08 Mar 2012 March Evening Program: Panel Discussion from Lowe’s
12 Jan 2012 January Evening Program: Learning Transfer Guaranteed to Improve Performance
01 Dec 2011 December Evening Program: 99 Second and Cracker Barrel Presentations
14 Oct 2011 One-Day Workshop: All Crossed-Up in Cross-Functional Relationships: Learning Matrix Management Skills
13 Oct 2011 October Evening Meeting: Matrix Management: More Complicated and Wonderful Than We Thought
11 Aug 2011 August Evening Meeting: Myths and Misconceptions about HPT
10 Jun 2011 One-Day Workshop: Managing Mentoring Processes for Measured Results
09 Jun 2011 June Evening Meeting: Engage Before the Exodus
21 Apr 2011 April Evening Meeting: Performing at Your Best When it Matters Most
11 Feb 2011 One-Day Workshop: Introduction to Performance Thinking: A Fast On-ramp to HPT
10 Feb 2011 February Evening Meeting: Addressing the Challenges of Fragmented Performance Management in 21st Century Organizations
09 Dec 2010 December Evening Program: Instructional & Performance Support Development Tools, Tricks and Tips
14 Oct 2010 October Evening Program: HPT Evaluation Challenges
12 Aug 2010 August Evening Program: Using Social Media for Learning & Performance Improvement
30 Jul 2010 Webinar: Certified Performance Technologist (CPT): Setting the Standard
11 Jun 2010 June Workshop: Instructional Design: Reinforcing Fundamentals and Providing Advanced Skills
10 Jun 2010 June Evening Program: ISD: Faster/Better/Easier
08 Apr 2010 New Design Models for New Media: Why ADDIE Doesn’t Work for e-learning
11 Feb 2010 First Things Fast: Analysis as the Basis for Performance Improvement
10 Dec 2009 The Politics of Performance: How to work with clients and other stakeholders
02 Oct 2009 All-Day Workshop with Thiagi: Interactive Strategies for Improving Performance
01 Oct 2009 Kick-off Program - Thiagi!

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