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  • 16 Aug 2009 6:00 PM | John Heun

    CHARLOTTE, NC – August 16, 2009 Thiagi Workshop Event: Interactive Strategies for Improving Performance

    Time: October 02, 2009 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
    Location: UNCC College of Education Building

    Member - $45.00 (USD)
    Non-Member - $65.00 (USD)


    Dr. Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan is the Resident Mad Scientist at The Thiagi Group, an organization with the mission of helping people improve their performance effectively and enjoyably. This full day workshop will be very interactive and fun at a great price. The workshop fee includes registration, lunch, and materials.

    Five things that make Thiagi's workshops unique:

    • Accelerated. He keeps you absorbed with a blend of discussions and activities.
    • Functional. He uses the techniques he teaches.
    • Authoritative. His workshop is based on validated principles and solid experience.
    • Practical. He empowers you with realistic tools.
    • Fun. His enthusiasm makes you enjoy every moment.

    ISPI is honored to welcome Thiagi to Charlotte to lead our inaugural workshop. Session topics include:

    Part 1. Designing Interactive Strategies:


    The best way to improve your training is to encourage participants to interact with each other, with the content, and with you. In this workshop, Thiagi reveals five secrets of effective interactive training that is faster, cheaper, and better.


    Part 2. Conducting Training Games and Activities:

    Are you excited about training games and activities but anxious about losing control, wasting time, and being attacked by participants? Based on 20 years of field experience and research, Thiagi shares three important secrets of effective training facilitation.

    REGISTER HERE: Register

    For more information on Thiagi visit
  • 06 Aug 2009 12:00 PM | John Heun

    Charlotte, NC - August 6, 2009 - Learn from an industry legend!  Thiagi is a pioneer in the field of Human Performance Technology.  He has published 40 books, 120 games and simulations, and more than 200 articles and is one of the most accomplished speakers in the Performance Improvement field.

    ISPI Charlotte is pleased to present a kick-off meeting presented by The Thiagi Group.  Don’t miss this great opportunity!


    Kick-off Session:  A Playful Introduction to Performance Technology


    Time: October 01, 2009 05:30 PM - 08:00 PM
    Location: UNCC College of Education Building

    Member - $15.00 (USD)
    Non-Member - $25.00 (USD)


    Here’s the fastest and the most enjoyable way to learn about human performance technology. Thiagi uses a series of game-like activities to present the basic principles and procedures. Learn how to position training within a broader context and how to become a performance consultant. In addition to identifying the traditional approach to HPT, the session highlights several of Thiagi's favorite innovative wrinkles.

  • 06 Jul 2009 5:30 PM | John Heun
    CHARLOTTE, NC – July 6, 2009 - ISPI Charlotte Chapter is pleased to announce its formation and the list of executive officers. The Charlotte Chapter is a new local chapter, an approved chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement. Bi-monthly meetings will begin in October at the chapter’s partner facility, UNC Charlotte’s College of Education.

    ISPI understands that strong chapters that promote and practice Human Performance Technology (HPT) are vital to the success of the Society. ISPI is proud to have a long tradition of support from our international network of local chapters, which includes representation across the US as well as in Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

    Chapters provide an excellent way for professionals to understand and apply human performance technology first hand. They also provide a gateway to leadership roles and enhance networking experience. Many chapters host conferences, distribute newsletters, and provide their members with region-specific information that fosters professional growth.

    ISPI is an important and interesting organization where members are valuable to each other in terms of professional development and colleagueship. The Society is a source of challenge and friendship, and provides opportunities for growth and recognition. For more information, visit or call 704-731-5314.

    Chapter Executive Officers:

    Dick Handshaw, President
    Guy Wallace, President Elect

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