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ISPI CLT's interview with Pierre Mourier: July, 2014

ISPI CLT: What was the most rewarding performance improvement experience you've had?

Pierre Mourier: Working directly with Geary Rummler

What was the most frustrating performance improvement experience you've had?

Working with clients who can’t seem to stay the course on change. Some clients feel the need to constantly change, before the previous project has been given a chance to produce results.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone new to the HPT field?

Be a facilitator, not a doer. If you are a doer, you do not create any change.

What was the greatest learning experience you've had?

The day I understood that the role of a change agent is to help OTHERS change.

When did you have your a-ha moment when you knew HPT was for you?

I didn’t

What is the greatest marketplace opportunity for those in performance improvement (PI)

professions that you see emerging looking out to the next 2-3 years?

Pay for Performance

What is the greatest marketplace risk for those in PI professions that you see emerging looking out to the next 2-3 years?

The professionals in our field who cannot demonstrate results continue to do business in our field

What advice would you offer to PI professionals to help them improve their relationships with clients and customer (internal and external)?

Show measurable results! And merchandise these with the client. Let the client know what you did for them.

A lot of energy and dialogue has taken place in the last two decades about the importance of demonstrating and measuring the value of PI projects. In your opinion, what has resulted from this dialogue and energy around the measurement and evaluation of training and other PI efforts?

Can’t answer this question in any other way than this. – This is a no-brainer…..How can you even talk about performance improvement if you do not measure it. – People in our field who engage in projects that cant be measured should not be in it. At Stractics, we always measure the results of our projects, in fact we guarantee a minimum of a 3:! Return on our clients investment or we do not get paid.

How should the PI thought-leaders move the profession as it relates to measuring and
evaluating PI projects and initiatives?

They should not settle for any less. – Hate to say it, but these last two questions are so foreign to me. I live by results and I get paid for results. People in our business who do not know how to measure results should not be in it.

If you were not in HPT, what would you be doing?

Playing music with my Rock Band.

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